WELCOME to Kingston Connect - where businesses and community connect; building a strong community together.

Kingston SE, South Australia has unleashed potential to becoming a thriving business community.  Creating a prosperous and sustainable community is important to economic vitality and our ongoing community success.


Kingston Connect is a service provided by JT Elements.

JT Elements is a business that provides a comprehensive tailor-made small business consulting service to help craft and integrate seamless solutions into businesses and organisations to ensure brand consistency and unique customer experiences, from initial concept to completion.

JT Elements has been operating within Kingston SE and wider community for the past 3 years, providing one on one business consulting and support services to new and existing businesses and community groups.  From administration, social media content and management, operation and process development to marketing and customer relationship management.

Kingston Connect has been designed to carry out the JT Elements’ Vision, by harnessing the strengths, knowledge and skills of the existing business and volunteer community to share, support and grow together.  One of the fundamental drivers of success in business is people working together.

Kingston Connect is driven and solely operated by founder of JT Elements, Julie Trenaman who has proven abilities and experience in business development, marketing, leadership and is passionate about her community.


Kingston Connect is both business to business and consumer focused.

Kingston Connect is designed to provide business and community group leaders (members) a dedicated platform (environment) for support, growth, development and collaboration.  It is also about connecting people with local businesses and organisations that trade or service the Kingston SE community.

The key elements of the initiative are to:

  • Increase Kingston’s digital presence;

  • Provide Kingston Connect members, growth and development opportunities;

  • Provide Kingston Connect members network support, collaboration and communication opportunities;

  • Increase community and visitor awareness of Kingston services, businesses and events;

  • Encourage a “support local” culture;

  • Unleash the Kingston potential; and

  • Reinvigorate excitement about doing business and living in Kingston.

Kingston Connect Platform.

There are four elements that make up the Kingston Connect Platform, they include an

Online Directory, Marketing and Network

The marketing elements (online directory, supplement marketing) has been designed to support the organisation’s (business/community group) growth and vitality whilst the network has been designed to provide support, development and collaboration opportunities to the business and community leaders.

For more information click on the following link or email kingstonconnect.info@gmail.com  

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