Kingston SE. Local Starts Here

There is so much to love about Kingston SE, the fishing, local shops and cafes, seafood, wine, local produce, safe beaches, fantastic local events and great parks.  There is something to see and do for everyone.  Our community is also supported by a diverse range of skilled and professional services but most of all this is the entirety of our lifestyle and we get to enjoy and experience every day.  We hope you do too!

When summer hits, you'll find us here

There is much to be said about what a day at the beach can do for the soul, whether it be beach cricket with mates, sunset BBQ's with the family followed by afternoon swims, sandcastles, the serenity of fishing, reading a good book, paddle boarding, collecting shells or simply watching mother natures art show and we have soul filling, sandy shores and safe swimming beaches for as long as the eye can see.  

Pink Beach at Sunset